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Welcome to the JBMD Creations Learning Center! Here we answer all common questions related to digital marketing that we often come across and also a place to help clients and visitors inform themselves in the digital space.

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How Web Design Affects Conversion Rates

When a business owner thinks about web design there are two things that generally come to mind: that it looks good and that it has their contact information. The importance of these cannot be understated, but there is massive profit being left on the table by not implementing several additional strategies that can get more […]

Why Every Business Needs a Website in 2022

The New Playing Field Unfortunately we can’t talk about finances and business without mentioning Covid, as it has had a global impact on the way business is done. With many businesses having employee’s working from home and people connecting globally via the internet more than ever before, the shift to utilizing efficient and convenient online […]

The Power of SEO Traffic – Leads That Buy

The Power of SEO Traffic – Leads That Buy Your typical marketing and advertising is termed “outbound”. This refers to the fact that you have to disrupt people’s attention in order to tell them you have a message for them, or basically something to sell them, you are “reaching out” to them. There are strategic […]

What Factors Affect Google Ranking Algorithm

One of the most confusing parts of SEO, is how many parts of SEO there actually are. There’s your Google My Business listing, your keywords, your meta data, social signals, page speed, schema markup.. there’s so much to take into account. If you’re working on Grand Rapids SEO on your own or with a company […]

Content Writing vs Copywriting vs SEO Copywriting

Let’s boil this down to the basics because this can get very confusing due a number of factors. Content Writing I think most people understand “content writing”. It’s someone who writes content for a website, whether it be for a dentists website, a lawyer, or an electrician. It can be the owner of the business, […]

Digital Marketer Resources – Who Can You Trust?

When I was starting JBMD Creations, I had just graduated from college and started doing an obsessive amount of reading on what my options were for my future. I was reading business books, books on mindset, success, investing, and entrepreneurship. By the way, I highly recommend Think and Grow Rich, The Millionaire Next Door, Unshakeable […]

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