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Welcome to the JBMD Creations Learning Center! Here we answer all common questions related to digital marketing that we often come across and also a place to help clients and visitors inform themselves in the digital space.

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The Email Playbook

As this is such a common talking point in clients we work with, we wanted to create an “Email Playbook” to do a deep dive on the topic. It can get complicated when we’re discussing 20 other topics, so we’ll reserve this for all information that is email! The Fundamentals I’m a technically inclined person, […]

Scheduling Automation

One thing I like to take the opportunity to do when setting up a website for a client is to introduce them to the concept of automation. Having a website allows you to do so much completely on autopilot, and people just usually aren’t aware of it or are so far removed from all the […]

Project Management With Google Groups

Getting clients off of what is called “Web Mail” to either Office 365 or G Suite is something I try to push every time. If you’ve had website hosting and logged into your email with cPanel, you’ll recognize it right away: This method of email makes my heart hurt. The interface is clunky, it is […]

How Important is Local SEO Services for Small Business?

What is local SEO? Local SEO for small businesses is the art and science of increasing the visibility of businesses that work with their local communities in search engines, such as construction companies or dentists. This even includes businesses such as grocery stores or house cleaning companies. There are several factors that contribute to ranking […]

Your Website’s Main Purpose

We have a more extensive article on this topic entitled “Web Design 101 – Why Have a Website” but I wanted to write something out that is a bit more short and sweet, something that is easier to digest these main talking points so you can get to the “aha!” moment a bit faster than […]

The Power of Video For Marketing And Conversions

I don’t know how many times you’ve heard this or how many times it has been said recently… it’s everywhere! Video this and video that. It is for good reason. Instead of just taking people’s word for it, let’s do a deep dive into some juicy statistics that show the absolute beast of a marketing […]

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