The Restaurant & Bar Industry Has a Lot of Challenges..
And We Help Solve Them

I need to increase my revenues, I’ve got mouths to feed…

I need my servers to stay busy, I don’t pay them to stand around

I want to know how my marketing is performing, I need reports and data

I don’t want these less qualified businesses taking my customers away..

I don’t understand internet marketing..

I just need people to find my business online

I need my website to reflect my brand and quality

I need a stronger presence on Social Media but no time to do it..

We’ve all had it.. the American dream to own a bar or restaurant and be able to give our family and ourselves the life we deserve

You should be able to show up, get things done and leave after putting in an honest days work and the results should show for it and that’s how it should work right?

…why can’t you have this? That’s what you were promised right?

We think so, 

…but for some it never ends up like that.

Does any of this sound familiar to you:

  • Realizing you’ve become a metaphorical firefighter, doing damage control and only stopping to wait for the next one to be put out..
  • Dealing with Yelp reviews such as:
    • “First off, I had to take a $15 cab ride to get there!”
    •  “Loved the food, loved the dessert, great service, friendly staff, clean restaurant. Will be back. But only giving 4 stars because I’ve been going to restaurant XYZ my whole life.”
  • The crippling anxiety of finally finding a rockstar General Manager and being afraid if you don’t pay him enough he/she is going to go to greener pastures?
  • You have trouble finding just plain old good help, people with experience? How can I afford the best workers in the business?
  • You having JUST enough money to pay the bills and praying to the high heavens that nothing breaks.

Your American dream doesn’t have to turn into your American nightmare

..but how can you reliably generate the business to skyrocket your revenue to afford to stand out among the rest?

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing basically comes down to utilizing online traffic and a website or online presence to accomplish your business goals by delivering you customers interested in your products & services and converting them into sales.

Websites Build Trust

Having a website legitimizes your business. It should also answer people's most common questions. This helps them make informed decisions about you.

Drive Customers To You

Once your new, stunning website is a trust building and sales machine, we can then generate a strategy to drive people interested in your offers to it.

Optimize Results​

Once the process is started, we then do testing to see what changes to our strategy can squeeze out even more results for your business

Explore the services we offer for you!

Web Design

We will design a website for you with all the style and functionality that your industry or talent requires. Everything can be customized and we will work with you to achieve your vision. Grand Rapids web design has never been easier

Search Engine Optimization

Put an end to the fight for business and find customers who are looking for you. We help you rank in the top organic search results in Google. Our SEO team has been helping businesses grow online for 8+ years and has a team of 43 employee's across the globe.

Video Productions

JBMD Creations partners with Brady Gilliam of Visionaery Productions to offer commercial filmmaking level video services. Brady has worked with companies such as Perrin Brewing Company and Grand Rapids IT Symposium.


We partner with Branching Out Media Solutions to offer professional copywriting services. If you want your content to emotionally grab your reader's attention and drive home your point, we can help.

Impress with a personal touch

We partner with ADA Compliance specialists Evolve Solutions in order to bring the web to anyone, anywhere no matter what disabilities they suffer from. Protect yourself and provide widespread accessibility with our services.


Customers reviews

“Our website traffic has increased by 500% and our Google search results have consistently placed us at #1 or #2 with our search words.”
Burton Cadwell
"Extremely pleased doing business with JBMD creations. John created a beautiful, modern, user- friendly website, that is continually generating leads for my business. Appreciate the professionalism, great communication and trustworthiness during the entire process. Highly recommended!"
Sarah Matzen
Michigan Spray Foam
"John created a new website for me as my old company was just not responding when I wanted changes and it was an old website. John did an amazing job and this site is generating a lot more leads and business for me, I'm not sure if I got any from my old site. He did photos for us too, it was great. Recommended."
Darrell Ockert
OC Construction
"Don't fall into the trap of playing run around while trying to build your website! Get things done quick and efficiently with JBMD. You can check out his work around Grand Rapids as he is involved with many projects and groups. Very professional and driven."
Dustin McIver
Northiside Chiropractic

Our Advantage

The core of our group came together in 2011. Since this time, the base of JBMD Creations marketing team has led the industry of Digital Media Marketing and Software Development through implementation of the latest Search Engine criteria and cutting-edge technology.

Breathe easy knowing we operate on a contract free basis, because we want your results to fuel our ongoing relationship, not legally binding strangleholds. If you’re unhappy with the results, you are always free to go.

Years in Business

We have extensive experience in the digital marketing industry and know how to get it done the right way

Global Employee's

As the internet is a true global community, our SEO team reaches businesses and customers next door and around the world.  Although based in Grand Rapids Michigan, our group of 43 dedicated professionals have customers in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE and the UK. This wide range of knowledge and experience helps us serve you better.

Clients Lost

You can rest easy investing in your business with us. We do things the right way.

We’ll admit it, sometimes we do create problems…

For Burton Cadwell of we increased his traffic to his website by 500%..

We had a hard time feeling bad for him when his phone wouldn’t stop ringing in the background and he said he didn’t know how to deal with it…

…but we can consult with you on that “problem” as well 😉

We do want to be clear though..

…these marketing strategies are NOT for:

  • Those who are interested in shortcuts and want to avoid investing in themselves, their dreams, and their futures
  • Those who are not interested in long term sustainable growth
  • Those who don’t understand that success comes with successful teams and successful strategies
  • Those who aren’t interesting in forming long term mutually beneficial and trusting relationships

What could 500% more internet traffic to your website do for you and your future?

Imagine actually being able to go home at night after 8 hours instead of a soul crushing 15 hours, being able to attend your family’s dinners, your children’s baseball games, your friends get togethers..

…seeing the surprise on your loved ones faces when you said you’d be there, that you were there, and that you meant it when you said it.

..because you know you’re going to have buying customers consistently
..because you were able to hire the rockstar staff and experienced managers who can handle your prized establishment with proper care
..because you found a team you can trust and rely on that wants the same things you do

Ready to take your first step towards maximizing your business’s revenues with professional digital marketing?

A 20-minute strategy call to discuss how we can help multiply your profits.

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Online Ordering

YoChef's Catering Company

We worked with Joseff Van Horn, Cater to the Stars and owner of YoChef’s Catering Company in Grand Rapids, MI to build him a beautiful new website. 

His old website was outdated and unable to properly display the love and passion he has for the food industry. 

The challenge was also showing to his loyal customers that he in fact has 3 separate operations going on within his business, the catering side, the food truck side, and his brand new Cafe which we were able to create an entire interactive menu for. 

We also did a full photoshoot for him to show off everything within his organization.

We gave him video instructions on how to operate his Cafe menu so that it stays beautifully organized and presentable. 

All he has to do is type in the item name, description, and price and it goes right where it’s supposed to and can be changed on the fly!

We think we did a great job infusing the joy of Joseff himself and the passion he has for his craft in his website.

Services - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Rank #1

Appear On the Front Page of Google!

When someone searches for your general services or products on Google, you want to be at the top.

Our team keeps track of the latest trends in the industry, ensuring compliance with Google.

50% of Google users click on the first 3 results on page 1!

92% of Google users don’t click past the first page.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO gets you in front of the people who are already looking for you

Search Engine Optimization positions you at the top of the search engines when people search for your products / services in Google.

Trying to convert people who aren’t already burning to buy your product or service can be literally exhausting. And pointless..

You can intelligently position yourself in front of people who are ALREADY looking for YOU!

Services - Web Design

our philosophy

Quality design is a given.
We focus on converting visitors into business.

A great looking website is extremely important, but if it doesn’t do its job as a sales page.. what’s the point?

75% of people judge..

The credibility of a business based on the design of its website.

How many customers have you lost if your website looks like it’s from the early 2000’s?

Seconds is all you have..

Does your site take 4 seconds to load? You’ve already lost 25% of your visitors. At 10 seconds, you’ve lost another 35%

Make sure you’re fast.

Mobile Responsive

Up to 60% of internet traffic is via a mobile device.

Capture every visitors attention with a website that dynamically responds to whatever device is viewing it.

Impress with a personal touch

Stock photograpy is a major no-no in the design world. It turns people off.

We do a professional photoshoot of you and your business as images communicate more effectively who you are than almost anything else.

Social proof

67.7% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Proper testimonial / review placement is critical!

Where do I go..?

Having a clear “Call To Action” such as a sign up button or email form is vital. Poor placement & visual cues will lead to frustrated and lost customers.

Avoid frustrating customers.

web design grand rapids graphic

Services - Videography


Commercial Film making Level Videography

Visionaery Productions specializes in promotional content, corporate content, and video post production.

Video Testimonials

95% of consumers are influenced by customer reviews. Video has quickly become the most consumed content on the internet, and why not? People love it and so does Google. Benefit from higher search engine rankings on your website and keep people engaged in what you want to tell them, they will reward you for it.

Retention Rate

Video has a 95% retention rate, while text has only 12%.


Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%

100 %
Best ROI

51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Ready to take your first step towards maximizing your business’s revenues with professional digital marketing?

A 20-minute strategy call to discuss how we can help multiply your profits.

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