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Dustin McIver of Northside Chiropractic had a website that looked presentable and worked ok for him, but he was paying $175/mo for fee’s he wasn’t sure what they were for and was being charged an arm and a leg to change things as simple as a picture. To have a streamlined business adaptable to new situations and environments, quick changes have to be made without being punished for wanting to do so, so we worked on a plan together to build something new.

Northside JBMD Creations Strategy


Dustin is very competent in the online realm, he plays with a lot of Facebook ads and new exciting content, deals and offers at his practice and he wanted a website that could stay up to speed with how quickly he implemented new strategies to better serve his clients.

This meant new landing pages, new content pages, online scheduling, online payment integration, automated email systems and the ability to write new blogs and post video’s wherever he needed them. We decided on a one time price for the completed website and then instead of a monthly charge for services he may or may not use, an hourly rate for all extra work done post launch. This allows him to work on his schedule and feel like he’s not being taken advantage of.

Mobile Responsive

Up to 60% of internet traffic is done through mobile phones, and this is only increasing

Click to Connect

We implemented a one click connect system where you click on the phone icon and it dials the number automatically, the messenger icon goes directly to Facebook and more.

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Mobile Menu

We created an entirely new menu for mobile devices to allow ease of use when viewing from these devices.

Mobile Forms

We reformatted all the submission forms to be easily used from mobile devices, so the sites full functionality is intact with simply a phone.

Dustin and Shauna McIver
"Don't fall into the trap of playing run around while trying to build your website! Get things done quick and efficiently with JBMD. You can check out his work around Grand Rapids as he is involved with many projects and groups. Very professional and driven."
Dustin McIver
Northside Chiropractic

Email Revamp

Dustin was using a webmail service tied into his hosting and this can be a great opportunity to upgrade your businesses workflow. Dustin agreed to our recommendation to use G Suite for his business which gives your email address the use of Gmail. Upgrading to G Suite means he has access to every Google app in its suite attached to the email he uses. He now has full access to his email with the updated security and convenience benefits of Google. This allows extreme convenience with email on your phone as well as easily adding other email address as his team expands in his domain.

Another added benefit is that no matter what hosting provider he goes with, his email will always go with him, it is independent of his website hosting. He could change hosts 100 times and never would his email be affected again. This is a smart long term strategy and provides him with safety and assurance his lifelong log of emails will always be with him.

Google VPS Hosting

As Dustin and Northside Chiropractic are on the cutting edge of utilizing online technologies to expand business, we decided to host his website on’s Google Cloud servers. If you plan on using Search Engine Optimization pageload speed is going to be a critical factor.

We made sure Dustin had the fastest WordPress servers available. Along with this we utilize the Google Content Delivery Network or “CDN”. Google has data severs all around the US and the world, and it saves “cache” versions of his website on it and serves them from the servers literally physically closest to the visitors location, allowing for the fastest content delivery (loading speeds) possible. Google CDN is known for being more expensive, but it is also the fastest and most secure in the world. Only Amazon can compete here (they host Netflix’s video content) but they are still behind Google.

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