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JBMD Creations provides social media marketing in Grand Rapids MI in order for your business to build an online presence that builds trust, authority and engagement among your clients and customers.

Grand Rapids Social Media Services

We provive Grand Rapids based social media marketing to help you reach a new audience and establish a presence with your brand in your area. Let your customers know what new deals you have to offer, what good you’re doing in the community or what exciting new events you have going on. People spend hours a day on social media and meeting where they are can be a successful step in the right direction for growing your business.

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Why Choose JBMD As Your Grand Rapids Social Media Company

With dozens of people on our marketing team, we’re able to dedicate the time and resources to your campaigns, instead of stretching our existing staff thin trying to make ends meet. We’ve probably worked in your industry before and know our way around all major social media platforms. If you’d like to be another success story in our roster, feel free to reach out and we’ll let you know how we can help you succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social media marketing is taking advantage of social media platforms to connect with your customer base and audience to build your brand, increase awareness about your brand and drive website traffic. The process involves creating engaging and interesting content, typically in the form of an image that catches their attention and a description or call to action that helps drive action. There are different agencies that offer social media management services and manage all these tasks for you.
The benefits of Grand Rapids social media marketing is that you get to meet your customer where they’re at. A lot of people’s time is spent on their phones, on social media. The conventional route of strictly using Google Search for everything is changing, and people are looking for more engaging and curated experiences online. It’s easy for them to “like” your page or post, see what other friends and family have said about certain businesses and then be fed more of what they like. This helps create an ever expanding list of people that see the content you produce online, whether it be Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.
So why not do this on your own? A Grand Rapids social media company takes the headache of spending hours and hours per week making posts on social media off your hands so you can focus on doing what really matters in your business, or where your time is best spent. This also puts your social media management in the hands of professionals who specialize in doing this. Who have been through the process, know what to expect and know how to successfully drive a campaign.
If you’re looking to expand your audience and also engage your current audience even more, then absolutely. We become your right-hand man (team) for everything social media-related. Our team of Grand Rapids social media experts provides the best support to achieve all your goals. If you want to do away with 80 hour weeks year after year, or just save yourself the hassle of spending a year+ learning the tricks of the trade then outsourcing your marketing can be beneficial to your business.
The cost of Grand Rapids social media management depends on the scale of what you’re looking to accomplish. It could start at as little as $500 to as much as several thousands of dollars. With any type of marketing, you get out what you put in. It depends on how fast you want to and are able to get to your goals.

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