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Stage 2 – What JBMD Creations Needs From You

So at this point we’ve talked and discussed the scope of the project, expectations, your vision for what you want this website to be for you, signed our contract, and payment has been received by us. We’re not ready to move onto Stage 2!

The design process can only go as far as the content we have. We design around the content itself and if we don’t have it we’ll do all we can on the backend and getting this tuned up and cleaned up but as far as moving forward, this is the part that will require the most time dedication and communication from you!

Below we go over what we’ll need from you in totality.

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Items Required From Client

Most frequent questions and answers

Whatever content in terms of images that you want on your site you will need to provide for us. This includes logo, icons (if you have your own), staff portraits, equipment, products etc.

Click Here on how to upload images to your Google Drive and share it with me. This is one of the easiest ways to do this and I’ll have access to all of the content in the folders you share.

We do offer a full photography shoot for free if you are in the Grand Rapids area and we strongly recommend using professional photography for your website! We pride ourselves on making stunning websites!

Research shows stock photography is a turn off and dissolves trust, the more real and personal the photography the better your website will turn visitors into customers

Your domain name (your www.yourwebsite.com) also known as your “URL” is a lot like a phone number. When you get a new phone you have to point your phone number to the new phone!

If you already have one we will need the username and password to point it to the new website when we launch.

Email is also tied into your domain “phone number” and we strongly recommend using G Suite Email or Office 365 Email.

Some email is tied into the old hosting and can be lost if moved to a new website. With G Suite or Office 365 your email will be independent of your web host and nothing will ever need to be transferred or lost.

We may require your email login information as well to test that everything is up and working when we point your domain to your new website.

The website cannot be properly completed or even moved forward at times without the proper content of your website, the actual written words you will use to talk about your business and how you can solve your customers problems or desires.

Here is a rough outline for suggestions on what content is useful to have on your website:

1. Start With Your Marketing Plan
– Start with the question, “What would my target customer want to see?”
– Identify your target market and put together a buyer persona

2. Develop an Outline of the Site
– Identify the most important pieces of content you need to include
– Identify how you expect people to traverse through the website
– What’s the intended goal? What are your calls-to-action?
– How can you get your visitors to that goal?
– Create a list of the pages you need to get visitors to the call-to-action

3. Start Putting Website Content Together
– Keep in mind who you are speaking to
– Focus on your buyer persona and have empathy for them
– Don’t focus on your own business too much – focus on their pain points and solve them
– Consider using a “you” focus instead of a “we” or even worse, “they”

4. Revise
– Read through everything, and begin revising and fixing problems

Consider altering your content strategy over time as you get more data and your needs change

Conclusion – Be as Useful as Possible to Your Clients
– You have to provide real value even in your main pages in order to get new clients. Your site is not a newspaper ad and it shouldn’t read like one. Once you’ve provided value and helped people out, they will want to work with you.

The main homepage needs to have all the information but short with read more buttons to full service, about us or other pages.
There need to be address, phone number, and a contact form so you will need to provide email address also so I can build contact form.

Please prepare a text in a word document, every page new document be sure to check for typos and it needs to be the final version.
All images need to be in high quality and the proper size, Hero section minimum 1920 width and content images min 1000px width.
The logo needs to be transparent and size 300-600px wide it would be nice to have a logo in light and dark color but it is not mandatory.

In addition to normal content, we emphasize again and again building trust with your customer base is the purpose of your website. There are items you can place on your website called “trust signals” that will greatly increase your conversion rates and people’s willingness to engage with you. Here is a list of items that are extremely beneficial to post online:

  • 1. Case studies
  • 2. Testimonials
  • 3. Social proof statistics (number of customers, number of users, number of widgets you’ve sold)
  • 4. Industry association logos
  • 5. Client/customer logos
  • 6. Logos of publications where your company is mentioned
  • 7. Employee certifications
  • 8. Number of five-star ratings from industry review sites
  • 9. Real-time social proof notifications
  • 10. Financial trust badges
  • 11. Social media proof
  • 12. Partnership and co-branded logo


Get as many as these as possible to us, your success depends on it!