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The Process - Your Home Base

This is going to be your resource page when working with JBMD Creations. Here we will answer all your most common questions and explain the process. This will also be an education center for why we suggest certain content from you and will be a reference guide for some of the points that we will be talking about!

If anything you are curious about is not here absolutely do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer right away!

JBMD Creations Web Design Overview

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Web Design Stages

Stage #1 is where we talk about your vision, go over what we will be accomplishing for the client, our expectations for the clients part of the process, contract signing, pricing, and choosing a design.
Payment & Contract
Stage #2 is where we have agreed on your vision and have chosen a design. This is now the stage where I'll send an invoice for the down payment as well as send out the contract. Once the initial payment has cleared and the contract is signed, we will move to stage 3.
Web Design
This is the design phase where we take your vision and create a rough draft and build around the content we've agreed upon including. We'll have a 3 revision process to ensure we get it just right!
Stage #4 is where we launch! This will involve gathering domain/hosting/email credentials in order to transfer or create your new website and get it live! Here we also discuss final payment and how we can work together on the site moving forward!
Stage 1
Stage #2
Stage #3
Stage #4


It is critical that you read this information. The more you put into this process the more you will get out. Your bottom line depends on it! We will continually reference this information so it will be productive for us both to be familiar with the content.