About JBMD Creations

The Beginning

I, John Brown, am the founder and CEO of JBMD Creations, LLC. I graduated from Ferris State University in 2017 with a Bachelors of Science degree and a Bachelors in Nursing degree. I began working as a nurse shortly after and started JBMD Creations around the same time.

After years of schooling and thinking having a secure job in a respected field was the ultimate success, it began to creep into my mind that this isn’t what I thought it would be. I was where I was supposed to be and was happy to help people in need and it felt good to do so, but I thought there would be more to it, I thought everything would be great once I hit this point. I began to realize I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I realized I had to be my own boss, make my own decisions, and create a life and business of my own design to do so.

I’ve always been enamoured with art, design, computers, the internet and technology and knew I could do something with those technologies that would give me the sense of adventure, creativity and fulfillment that I wasn’t getting in my current career. This is how JBMD Creations was born.

I read dozens of books on business, design and technology and attended every networking event I possibly could in the Grand Rapids area. If I wasn’t reading I was listening to audiobooks, podcasts and watching programs on business, marketing and design. Pretty soon I was part of several networking and business groups in the area and was getting clients left and right, as well as meeting all kinds of professionals I could work with in the industry.

The feeling of helping business owners achieve their goals wasn’t the same as helping a patient in the hospital, but it did feel phenomenal to be able to deliver an incredible service to a client without feeling like a cog in a wheel at the same time, or sacrificing my own creative and entrepreneurial desires. This is where I wanted to be.

I’ve continued to expand JBMD Creations by partnering up with several marketing teams and contractors, expanding my own marketing efforts to help even more business owners and creating the best services that I possibly can for my clients.

Mission Statement

JBMD Creations is first and foremost about offering value. Everything I do and everyone I partner with must align with certain values that I value highly myself, such as:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Knowledgeable
  • Discipline
  • Success
It’s hard to count the amount of times I’ve been contacted because a business owner is unhappy with the way their current marketing company is doing things, from charging outlandish prices to make simple changes, taking weeks to months to respond to simple requests and just plain not doing the work as promised.

In order to create a brand that is synonymous with the idea of win-win or no deal, these kind of practices are unacceptable here. I strive for excellence in everything I do and I want my websites and my marketing campaigns to be the best I can possibly make them and I’m always looking to improve upon my best.

Ready to take your first step towards maximizing your business’s revenues with professional digital marketing?

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