Grand Rapids SEO Services Boosts Clients Growth Online


Appear On the Front Page of Google in Grand Rapids!

When someone searches for your general services or products on Google, you want to be at the top.

Our team keeps track of the latest trends in the industry, ensuring compliance with Google’s ever changing algorithms. We offer the best search engine optimization in Grand Rapids

50% of Google users click on the first 3 results on page 1


92% of Google users don’t click past the first page.


SEO Gets You In Front Of The People Who Are Already Looking For You

Search Engine Optimization positions you at the top of the search engines when people search for your products/services in Google.

Trying to convert people who aren’t already burning to buy your product or service can be exhausting, and an inefficient way to obtain new customers.

Leads from an SEO campaign close at 15%, which is 12% higher than the conversion rate for outbound leads

You can intelligently position yourself in front of people with the help of Grand Rapids SEO services and reach out to people who are ALREADY looking for YOU!

Why Choose JBMD As Your Grand Rapids SEO Agency

We do our business in a fast-changing environment, and we are always on the edge as we strive to deliver the best products and services to our audience. We fight for the perfect performance and value every client and their requests. If you’re looking for a Grand Rapids SEO agency, continue reading and discover our track record and the results we generate for our clients.

JBMD Creations is an Grand Rapids SEO company that offers full service of Search Engine Optimization strategies that will help you stand out from your competition. We deliver first-page rankings on search engines and help you improve your ROI. With carefully curated SEO services, our goal is to get improved rankings, increased traffic, and high website engagement.

As a leading Michigan SEO agency, we work tirelessly to ensure that your website gets amazing exposure on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We specialize in developing and implementing strategies that help convert your ideal prospects into clients.
Years in Business
We have extensive experience in the SEO industry in Grand Rapids and know how to get it done right.
Global Employee's
Your project will be handled by an entire team of SEO experts in Grand Rapids; this isn’t a small-time gig.

Grand Rapids SEO

What Does This Mean For You?

To grow and scale a businessness, you need a team, someone working on your side to help generate more customers.

No successful real long term growth comes from the “do it all yourself” mentality. Every successful company has a team that has specialists at what they do.

We’re here to be that team for you.

You work on what you do best, whether it’s cooking great food, doing great construction work or providing great chiropractic care and we work on what we do best, bringing you new customers.

Case Study #1

Our local Grand Rapids, MI client in the medical field. They experienced a 145% increase in organic traffic so far in 2022.

Google Business Listing Analytics (Formerly Google My Business)

A steady increase in GMB actions: search appearances, website clicks, directions and phone calls

Google Search Console

A steady increase in website organic traffic.

Google Analytics

A 143% increase in organic search traffic for 2022 so far.

Our Grand Rapids SEO Company Truly Delivers

As an SEO company in Michigan we are there to be part of your team, as you grow and expand, we continue to grow along with you. We become part of your company in our own way. As our business model involves results based relationships instead of anxiety inducing binding contracts, the better the results that we deliver for you, the longer you’ll want to stick with us and the more services of ours you’ll want to use. We think it holds both of us accountable and is the best way to do business.

“SEO Grand Rapids MI” is a keyword we just began to target and you can follow us as we begin to rank for it, doing exactly what we do best against others that are professionals in this arena competing against the same keyword.

Being on the first page of a search engine is the most effective way to advertise your business. Whatever your physical location, customers from all over the globe will be able to find you. Whether your target audience is local or global, with our help, you can feel confident that the relevant traffic will notice your website. We guarantee the best results for global and local SEO in Grand Rapids, MI.

At JBMD Creations, we understand the importance of effective Search Engine Optimization strategies. We are the best SEO Company in Michigan. We find the right blend of creativity and technical details to drive more traffic to your website.

Ready to take your first step towards maximizing your business’s revenues with professional digital marketing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In most cases we expect to be on page 1 within 3-6 months. If your SEO desires involve a more ambitious approach in your industry, or is highly competitive, that will be discussed beforehand. We will discuss the pros and cons of any strategy, set out expectations for that strategy and present what we believe is an appropriate approach. JBMD Creation is the best digital marketing agency that provides the best Grand Rapids SEO services to its clients.

  • The real, continual and hard work gets done. With a lower effort campaign that hits 5 out of the 30 or so components of SEO, you may be getting SEO work done, but that is not the level of effort that delivers results. We offer a 10 keyword campaign minimum because in our experience any less than that is not as effective and doesn’t allow us to deliver the results we like to see for our clients. It would be easier for us to sell, but that is not our philosophy in marketing.

    Many companies will do a push in the beginning to deliver impressive analytics then ease up on the effort that keeps your keywords ranking. We want long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Our clients’ excitement about their long term results means glowing referrals for us and a sense of pride in our work. This is the long term win-win strategy that we chose to invest in.

  • SEO offers some of the highest return on investment in the digital marketing space. It offers a consistent stream of potential customers that are already searching for what you have to offer, significantly reducing the energy and time needed to sell. If you’re looking to expand your business to increase free time, revenue, or hire more staff, SEO is an effective option.

  • If you’re using WordPress as a platform then fantastic! WordPress is SEO ready out of the box. If you’re on a platform such as Wix or SquareSpace we would have a discussion about the pros and cons of linking an SEO campaign to those platforms.

    With WordPress, we would go into the website and optimize it for page speed, keyword implementation and meta data implementation to prepare it for ranking in the search engines. This is included with the monthly cost of SEO.

  • Search Engine Optimization is an ever evolving field. Google is getting smarter and smarter and constantly changing the ways in which websites rank in the search engines. With an SEO maintenance plan your website and marketing strategy stays up to date with the latest trends so your website doesn’t fall off the face of the earth as soon as Google decides to implement new guidelines. The work keeps getting done for you!

  • SEO services cannot be guaranteed. This is the nature of the industry. Google is constantly changing its algorithms and we work tirelessly to stay ahead of them and adapt to them to keep ahead of the curve. If a company is advertising any sort of guarantee with SEO we would advise to take a cautious approach.

    We will present data showing you our past successes with many clients over a long period of time and tell you it is highly likely, based on our recommendation approach, that your results will be similar, as we’ve seen the process play out time and time and time again.

  • First off, your phone will just suddenly begin to ring more! This is true, but before that point even you will receive monthly reports with how your keywords are improving over time. It’s generally expected that after your keywords push from the second page over the top to the first page, you will see the increase in phone calls and emails of potential customers looking for your service/product

  • This will depend on your industry as well as your strategy. JBMD Creations offers a Foundation package as well as a premium package. Contact [email protected] to inquire about what an SEO marketing campaign might look like for you and your business.

  • For as long as you want to keep generating new business! It’s a continual, ongoing effort to keep your website ranking high up in the search engines. Google likes fresh, new, alive and active websites to send people to. If your website stops being updated and stops generating new backlinks via an SEO campaign, it will begin to fall off in the rankings and result in less potential customers viewing your website.

  • Yes! You will be provided with monthly analytics reports showing exactly where your keywords are ranking. You can see where they started and where they are going and with a consultation from us be able to understand what that means for your business. We pride ourselves on transparency and providing analytics every month has been what proves the success of our work. It is a pleasure for us to deliver those results to you.

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