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JBMD Creations LLC offers web design in Grand Rapids, MI. We are professional website designers that help you build a website that captures leads and converts visitors to customers. We put an emphasis on absolutely nailing the first impression viewers have when landing on your web page with cutting-edge design, fast load times, and professionally shot photography.

Our web design and development processes are designed to help small and large Grand Rapids Businesses thrive online. We understand that a website is the most trustworthy way to stay connected with your current and prospective clients. Don’t get left behind in the age of the internet, stand out from the crowd!

Ready to take your first step towards maximizing your business’s revenues with a professional website?

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Professional Web Designers In Grand Rapids, Michigan

Web design is essential to help get your business leads and customers online. Without a beautiful and trustworthy-looking website, you can lose a ton of customers. 

Some of other reasons why you need website design are:

It sets the first impression
It helps your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy
It helps built trust with the customers
We are a professional team of Grand Rapids web developers and designers that can help you achieve your online goal. Our web design services will help you achieve whatever your business goals you have. Contact us today and let’s see how we can help you.

Our web design company is located at 229 Westown Drive NW #205, Grand Rapids, MI 49534

Our Grand Rapids Web Design Process. How We Develop Your Website

3 steps of how we design your website are:

1. Collect Details

First we collect all the important details about your business goals and current website’s status. We investigate deeply into what you want to achieve and how to make the most out of your website.

We want the website design to be up-to-date and modern-looking to be able to give a good first impression to your customers. This will help you demonstrate who you are and what you do in a professional way.

2. Start Working

Once we agree to work together, our next step is to start working. This includes either revamping your current website’s design or start developing it from the ground up.

We use the WordPress platform to create a visually stunning, SEO friendly, and mobile responsive web design for your business.

The Grand Rapids web designers will handle your brand. Once all is said and done, you’ll have full ownership of your website, passwords, and all! You paid for it, so you own it!

3. On-Going Support

Once we finish designing and developing your website, along with handing the work to you, we make sure to keep an on-going support for your website.

We will also give you a free consultation for other online marketing strategies such as PPC advertisement and SEO to help drive more visitors to your web.
Our team focuses on understanding a business before coming up with custom designs for your website. We are Grand Rapids web designers that believes in the power of creativity and innovation. We understand your expectations and your foundations and combine the two to create a compelling website for your brand. All the while, we strive to create affordable designs that give your business a promising ROI.

Our Grand Rapids Web Design Testimonials

Dr. Dustin McIver

Chiropractor, Northside Chiropractic

Sarah Matzen

Michigan Spray Foam LLC

Why Choose Our Web Design Service. What Makes Our Web Development Different

Some of the reasons to take our Grand Rapids web design services are:

We employ many systems that will streamline the web design process so that you can spend more of your time focused on your business and less time confused about how this all will work and if it will work for you.

We are voted as one of the best web designers in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

We design websites that are fast, visually appealing, and technologically sound. We also believe in serving local and global communities to help businesses grow with the best technology and innovative creativity.

We will build a clean, responsive, and easy-to-use designs your clients will love because we know that the most important purpose a website has is to convert leads and help a business grow.

With years of industry experience, our website designers will give visually pleasing designs that both you and your users will love. Our highly skilled team has devised a process that delivers results and made JDBM Creations a leader in the Grand Rapids web development sector.

Web Design Grand Rapids Cost

On average, the cost of web development in Grand Rapids ranges between $2,000 and $15,000. This may or may not include other additional costs that often come with website development such as:

Domain registration
Website hosting
Security certificates (SSL)
Content management
We highly recommend you reach out to us for a complete quotation. We will let you know both the additional cost along with the service cost so you will know exactly how much you are going to pay for everything. We are always 100% transparent about our pricing.

Our Web Design Time Frame

Our standard web design takes about 30-60 days to complete. This is first counted on the day we created the contract. This is our build time. If we request content and it doesn’t come back to us for 35 days, this does not count towards our build time. We’ll do everything we can to move forward but if we are held back from continuing that isn’t included in the 30-60 days

Grand Rapids Web Design With SEO For Your Business

Website design and SEO marketing strategies go hand in hand. Today, more and more brands are choosing to integrate SEO within their website while designing it. At our company, we provide all-in-one SEO strategies along with website development services. We make sure your site isn’t just well-designed but also optimized to generate traffic. A web design that is compatible with SEO is more likely to pull web traffic compared to the ones that aren’t optimized. Integrating SEO will rank your website higher in popular search engines like Google which will eventually help you in attracting your ideal customer.


You Need A Gorgeous, High Converting Website That's Fast, Mobile Responsive And Generates Revenue

A great looking website design is critical, but if it doesn’t do its job as a sales page. What’s the point?

Mobile Responsive

Google claims up to 60% of internet traffic is via a mobile device. If your website is not mobile responsive you're potentially losing a lot of business.

Seamless User Experience

Confused customers are lost customers. We arrange your website and content so that users get exactly what they're looking for.

Extremely Fast Loading Times

Does your site take 4 seconds to load? You've already lost 25% of your visitors. At 10 seconds, you've lost another 35%. We handle that.

Clear Calls to Action

Having a clear "Call To Action" such as a sign up button or email form is vital. Poor placement & visual cues will lead to frustrated and lost customers.

Ready to take your first step towards maximizing your business’s revenues with professional digital marketing?

Send us a message and we’ll contact you and discuss what interests you in expanding your business online
Cheers! We’ll be in touch shortly.
Want to email us instead? No problem: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a Michigan web design company we have a straightforward approach in that we diagnose the problems that you’re facing with your online presence and let you know if what we offer can solve them or not. If we’re not the right fit, we’ll try to refer you to someone that is.

  • We are one of the website design companies in Michigan that does offer hosting & web development services, together or separate. If you have a WordPress website that you’d like hosted and maintained only, we can certainly take care of that! If you want a web designed, developed and maintained, we can take care of that as well.

  • Like most software, it requires updates to continue to function. If you’ve used our michigan website design services and now require support and hosting we have world class hosting on NVMe SSD servers, using OpenLitespeed server technology to ensure it loads extremely fast. We install 7G Firewall and WPFail2Ban security technology to ensure no one can hack into your website and unload malicious attacks or steal sensitive information. We provide daily local and offsite backups with Amazon S3, as well as entire server snapshots so it’s nearly impossible to lose your website even in disaster scenarios. We also provide monthly plugin and core WordPress updates and check for functionality to ensure your website continues to function even after years of use.

  • E Commerce website design in Grand Rapids is the creation of a website that can list physical or digital products in the form of a store that users can purchase right from the website. This collects their shipping and payment information and allows you to print off a shipping label, box up your product, and ship that product off to the paying customer. If you’re selling digital products, this then sends them an email with the digital product in it or sends them login information to your LMS (Learning Management System) if it is a digital course.

  • While we would never be so bold as to claim we’re better than everyone else, for an ecommerce website design company in Grand Rapids we do believe we offer the right solutions for customers problems. The e-commerce platform - WooCommerce; is an open-source solution that allows us to deliver a powerful and expandable platform that doesn’t require licensing fees or other astronomical fees such as Shopify does just for using the platform. It is cost-effective and it can do essentially anything if it is set up the correct way.

  • The price for Grand Rapids ecommerce website design services with us is more than the typical website. It involves a great deal of moving parts and a lot of communication back and forth between the client and our team determining all the fine details of shipping, products and merchant processing. The additional base fee for WooCommerce is around $1500 and will be an additional cost per product added.

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