Welcome to the JBMD Creations Learning Center! Here we answer all common questions related to digital marketing that we often come across and also a place to help clients and visitors inform themselves in the digital space.

What Factors Affect Google Ranking Algorithm

One of the most confusing parts of SEO, is how many parts of SEO there actually are. There's your Google My Business listing, your keywords, your meta data, social signals, page speed, schema markup.. there's so much to take into account. If you're working on Grand Rapids SEO on your own or with a company […]

Your Website's Main Purpose

We have a more extensive article on this topic entitled "Web Design 101 - Why Have a Website" but I wanted to write something out that is a bit more short and sweet, something that is easier to digest these main talking points so you can get to the "aha!" moment a bit faster than […]

Web Design 101 - Why Have a Website?

Web Design 101 You Need a gorgeous, high converting website that's fast, mobile responsive and generates revenue Business owners know they need a website, they need to be able to show what they offer, it legitimizes their business! But beyond that... how badly do you need one and what all does it do for you? […]
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