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Welcome! If you are interested in web design and development services this is our promotion page for those we have not marketed to directly. This will go over the foundations of JBMD Creations, LLC and how we work as a white label partner or for potential freelance projects. This will include our technology, methodology, process and pricing. This quick rundown should help you decide if we're a good fit to work together before contacting us about our services.

Thank you for stopping by.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We work exclusively with WordPress and Oxygen builder. We are able to do SEO & PPC with other builders such as Elementor, Divi and Bricks builder but when a new site is built, we use Oxygen exclusively.

    WordPress has the perfect blend of ease of use and robust functionality, all while maintaining a reasonable cost to upkeep. There is increased ease of use with something such as Wix or SquareSpace, but the limitations can be suffocating for a flourishing business. There is increased functionality with a hand coded website, but the costs can be astronomical and isn’t always appropriate or required for a small to medium sized business.

  • Certainly, check out our portfolio.

  • We do not design any websites below the $2500 mark for a 5 page website. While we strongly encourage more pages than that in order for the website to actually drive results online, we can deliver these types of brochure websites.

    The project will have a dedicated developer, designer and project manager and we do not use cheap templates or themes. Everything is built with best practice in mind and we do not use shortcuts. We are an agency that wants to build a solid product and lowering the price point would hinder this.

    We are rigid on this because our process is streamlined and rock solid. We go through the same design and development process with you or the client each time and we know how to deliver the same results each time. Spreading ourselves thin trying to do a little bit of everything results in missed timelines, the budget increasing and the quality decreasing.

    We can develop websites well into the 5 figure range but it completely depends on the scope of the project. Having 10 pages vs 20 pages, or having an extensive blog or custom functionality such as complex contact forms or online scheduling adds to the cost.

  • This can vary depending on the scope of the project. We do an extensive scoping process to generate an exact Statement of Work deliverables list so you know exactly what you’re getting.

    Typically this will take 8-12 weeks for an averaged sized project. While we have our rock solid process to ensure that our team is delivering on budget and on time, we cannot account for delays due to the client not providing critical assets such as content, images and logos.


  • Hosting
    We have a strong preference for hosting the website, or setting you up on hosting that we are familiar with. When we are on unreliable or outdated hosting it can cause an increase in problems with the website and an increase in time to troubleshoot any problems (not to mention many hosts charging crazy high prices for backups).

    We’ve spent years finding the most reliable hosts with the fastest servers to ensure your visitors don’t see a “website down” error when they visit your business or get frustrated with prolonged loading times. A fast and reliable website means more money in your pocket. It is a win win for everybody.

    Management, Security and Updates
    We provide 3 tiers of website maintenance packages that will offer you a variety of features such as daily backups, unlimited edits, web speed optimization and enterprise level security.

    We do require a maintenance plan if you would like us to be your developers moving forward, which we prefer. We want to form long term relationships and this is the blending point for us to work together for years to come.

    When other developers have their hands in the pot it can create hours if not days of deconstructing what they did vs what we do and trying to resolve problems this way can be an expensive and time consuming task.


  • We do not setup or manage email accounts for clients beyond hosting their DNS and supplying an SMTP sending email for the website. What this means is we make sure the website can send emails from the contact forms on it but we do not manage people’s Gmail or Office 365 accounts (though we do recommend using one of those two providers).

  • We host with both GridPane and Cloudways. This gives us the ability of rock solid hosting on LiteSpeed and Nginx servers, with the capability of insane load speeds and reliability with GridPane.

    Here is our WordPress stack:

    • Oxygen Builder
    • Automatic CSS Framework
    • OxyExtras – Exclusively use OxyExtras Menu for our menu’s.
    • Advanced Custom Fields Pro
    • Motion.page Animations
    • Fluent Forms
    • FlyingPress & BunnyCDN (FlyingCDN if needed)
    • HappyFiles Pro
    • SEO Press Pro
    • All In One WP Migration B2 Extension for off-site backups
    • Advanced Scripts
    • Admin Columns Pro for custom client dashboard

    We have found these to be the best of the best plugins for WordPress to deliver rock solid features, speed and stability.

  • We use what’s called Advanced Custom Fields and Admin Columns Pro to create a custom content management system tailored just for you. Edits beyond that will be deferred to our team, but we try to give you all the tools possible for you to manage your site and your business in real time.

    Here is an example of a client dashboard:

    Here they can manage all the items they need on their website such as basic details (email, phone, address):

    When updated on the backend, it updates everywhere it is shown on the website.
    Here is how they manage their staff profiles:

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