Scheduling Automation

Author - John

One thing I like to take the opportunity to do when setting up a website for a client is to introduce them to the concept of automation. Having a website allows you to do so much completely on autopilot, and people just usually aren’t aware of it or are so far removed from all the different apps available, as there’s about 500 for every single thing you can imagine, that they don’t even bother looking into it because of how much of a hassle it can be.

This is a great opportunity for me to introduce them to how we can do this together while we’re focused on technology and utilizing the internet to help their business.

Scheduling automation is a thing of beauty. Here are some of the things we can do:

  • Appointment requests
  • Automatic Zoom call scheduling
  • Automatic meeting scheduling (with location choices)
  • Automatic Google Calendar integration (see your appointments/meetings all in one place)

So.. when are you free?

The typical scheduling mess is 5-6 back and forth emails asking when you can do this, when you can do that, oh I’m busy that time, shoot you’re busy when I’m free. We’ve all been there and sometimes if it happens too much people just drop off to focus on other things. This is not what we want. We want everything associated with your business to be an enjoyable experience. We want to avoid frustration at all costs.


Our #1 Choice.. Calendly

Calendly is a scheduling app integrated with Google Calendar (Actually up to 6 different calendars, Apple, Microsoft etc). This is the one of the easiest to use and one people will be most able to relate to.

Basically what it does is allow you to setup different meeting types whether it’s a phone call, Zoom meeting or in person meeting. What happens is the person you’re talking to clicks on your link and they’re taken to a calendar. This calendar has all your “busy” times in Google Calendar blocked off so they can’t choose times where you’re busy! They can only schedule times that aren’t blocked off.

You are also able to set boundary times so they can’t schedule in the middle of the night etc.


Above you can see the simple process of picking a time and entering your contact information. If you pay for the premium version which I personally recommend, you have the option if they choose to use text reminders for your meetings along with email reminders. In our busy world, text messages are typically the most direct form of communication and can result in a lot less missed or forgotten meetings.


Website Integration

So the primary way to use Calendly is just visiting the link generated by Calendly, it sends you to its own page. There are several ways to integrate this directly into your website to make it even easier and more straight forward.

Inline Calendar Pop-up Text Website Pop-up  

Other Integrations

As well as having it integrated into your website, you can have it as a link in your email signature, send text message invitations, any way that you can think of. There is a Calendly app that let’s you select what type of meeting you would like to schedule (30 min in person, 60 min in person, Zoom call, phone call etc) and you’re able to simply tap on the “Copy link” button then paste directly into a text message. It’s incredibly convenient.


Save yourself time, and increase how many people show up!

Making things easier for your clients or customers is always going to result in a win. Calendly comes in at $15 for the premium version, and even the free version has some pretty cool features.

The hardest part is going to be making your Google Calendar (or whatever calendar you chose to integrate with) your new primary schedule. Everything you do has to be blocked off and marked as busy, or else someone else can schedule there. Once you do get into this habit though you will thank yourself for it. Your life will be a lot more organized, and you’ll never have to wonder what time that one thing you scheduled that one week is. It’s a good habit to build and the rewards are a much less messy life!

If you’ve been sent here by us as a primer for this concept or you’ve found us online, check out for more information.

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