Project Management With Google Groups

Author - John

Getting clients off of what is called "Web Mail" to either Office 365 or G Suite is something I try to push every time. If you've had website hosting and logged into your email with cPanel, you'll recognize it right away:

Horde cPanel Webmail

This method of email makes my heart hurt.

The interface is clunky, it is not mobile friendly, if you change your hosting your emails are lost forever, emails from webmail constantly go into your receivers spam folder and the list goes on and on and on.

This is something I try to fix right away, and tell clients upfront that we're going to have to get them off of webmail ASAP. If after receiving all the education on the pros and cons you still want to keep it, hey, that's ok with us. It's less work but it's just not good practice for business.

Google Groups

If a client already has G Suite ($6/month) they'll have gmail at their business address. So it'd look like [email protected] and it will be with them forever with the Google brand and software, no matter what web hosting they use. This is highly recommended.

Along with Gmail you'll have access to a host of applications:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg

As I've been managing the backend of Networking at Noon I've started to really dig into the things that G Suite has to offer and one of the lifesavers I've come across are Google Groups.

This has been great for managing project and client teams.

What Google Groups allows you to do is to create groups under a single email address, such as [email protected] Within this group I add all of the members emails of that group and when I send an email to '[email protected]' it will send an email to EVERYONE in the group. I'm no longer fishing for old emails to try to find who's all in the group, or stretching out old group emails for convenience.

If I have a new project and several people are on the job, I can easily make a [email protected] and add them all to the list. This has made things incredibly efficient. If everyone ever leaves or joins the team I simply go into the Google Groups

You can also assign certain permissions for groups to certain Google Drive folders, so effectively creating a drag and drop folder for your project that only that Google Group has access to. This makes project management so much more efficient, and it has reduced a ton of busy work for me. I recommend everyone running a team in any capacity to check this out, and implement it into their workflow if they want to majorly increase their work efficiency. It has helped me a ton.

Right click on your G Drive folder and click "Share"
Google Drive Sharing Permissions
Select your Google Group email and determine their permissions. Anyone now in that Google Group will have access to that Google Drive folder. Easy peasy.


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