How Important is Local SEO Services for Small Business?

Author - John

What is local SEO?

Local SEO for small businesses is the art and science of increasing the visibility of businesses that work with their local communities in search engines, such as construction companies or dentists. This even includes businesses such as grocery stores or house cleaning companies. There are several factors that contribute to ranking in Google search engines locally such as claiming and managing all your local listings to managing location based citations with Google that lets them know your company did work in a certain location. It extends beyond this as well to managing online ratings and reviews, location based social media posting, and more.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

The more of these citations you have in your area combined with lots of content online mentioning your service area and lots of positive reviews, the more likely Google is to see you as an authority and serve up your website when people search for things such as “dentists near me” or “best construction company Grand Rapids”. This is local business search engine optimization at its core. It’s all about following the rules that Google lays down so that you and Google are working together for a successful partnership where they get to serve up the best companies thereby making Google look like it’s a magic 8 ball, and you getting the customers and sales that you desire.

Who Requires Local SEO?

If your core business is to serve those in the local community around you, local SEO is going to be a high priority for your success online. When they search for a product or service, this process results in your business popping up in the search results vs someone else’s business. Let’s make sure it’s you! If you’re reading this you’re taking the time to understand the importance of digital marketing, you’re going the extra mile to dedicate yourself to your customers and Google likes to reward that!

Local SEO Benefits of local SEO

The benefits of local business seo services is that you will start receiving visits to your website and calls on the phone from people asking about your product / services over somebody else. It’s simple, straight forward, and powerful.

Importance Of Local SEO For Small Businesses

The importance of Grand Rapids SEO services and website design Michigan cannot be understated. If you’re looking to expand your business, generate consistent long term sales, and blow your competition away this isn’t something that can be overlooked because your competition won’t. Local SEO is a vital part of a businesses online presence. Google indicates that over 20% of ALL desktop searches are local in nature and around 50% of all searches on phones and tablets are local in nature as well. You don’t want to be missing out on that huge customer base. Over the coming years this will only be increasing so starting quickly before you get left behind is vital. Google likes having a long history of positive results to draw from to serve up those that it considers an “authority” source. The longer that you’re in the game, the harder you will be to beat.

Tips to Improve Your Local SEO

To improve your search engine optimization Grand Rapids you’ll want to make sure several things are happening. First and foremost you absolutely must be certain your Google My Business page is set up and your business is claimed, or Google will not have anywhere to give credit to all your citations online. Google My Business can be frustrating to work with as Google likes to right a tight ship there, and it has many verification processes to ensure authenticity, but it is the lifeblood of your online presence. You’ll also want to make sure you claim all your local listing pages online (websites that are directories for local businesses will auto generate pages without you even knowing about it) and make the proper changes that Google likes to see. Being sure to location tag all your posts will be important as well, be sure to tag the business or individual you’re working with if this is possible as that will give it even more authenticity.

There’s a lot to learn about local business search engine optimization but it is vital that it is done correctly and consistently as the world is only moving more and more towards the internet for information, with print advertising and marketing fading out more and more. Getting started now is the best thing you can do, even if it’s intimidating at first we’ll all have to adapt eventually.

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