Do It Yourself Syndrome and Fear of Investing in Your Business

Author - John

Entrepreneurs have a disease, they have an itch, and it's a gift and it's a curse. It's called the "Do It Yourself" syndrome. Nasty bug.

It can be a business owners greatest asset in the beginning but when looking to expand their business it can be their greatest curse.

It's a great skill to have though, it means this person is adaptable, they believe in themselves, they sit down and learn what they need to learn to get where they need to go and heck... it's gotten them this far hasn't it? They've proven they CAN in fact do everything in their business by themselves, they're superstars!

And they are... but at some point, things need to change

If you've ever read the book "The E-Myth Revisited - Why Most Small Businesses Fail And What To Do About It" you'll know exactly what I'm talking about..

Let me start with a quote from a great book called "Traffic Secrets" by Russel Brunson, a book all about generating traffic online. This quote comes from the Foreword by Dean Gaziosi:

"There's a classic movie with Kevin Costner called "Field of Dreams". It's about building a baseball stadium in the middle of nowhere. The movie is great, but it sends a bad message tha tpeople will come simply by something being built.

Unfortunately, too man people in business have taken the concept literally and have decided to run their business that way. They think if they build the best product or service, invent the best widget, create the best mastermind, or write the best book, the world will just find it. They think that as long as they build the best product or service, people will just show up to buy it.

The reality is they won't just come.

Unless people konw that you exist and you give them a compelling reason to come find you, they aren't coming.

Without good marketing your ideas will just be that: good ideas. Imagine looking back when you're 80 years old and feeling like you just dabbled with 20 different great ideas but never really made the impact you desired

It doesn't have to be that way..."

He is right and this is the concept of this article.

Let's begin.

The 3 Personalities Within a Business Owner

There's 3 personalities that exist in an entrepreneur: The TechnicianThe Manager, and The Entrepreneur.

They all exist at once but in varying amounts depending on the person and what task is at hand.

The Technician is the one doing the actual work. Let's say the business is web design (not quite unlike me!) and this person has been doing web design for a while, is a master at the craft, cares for his websites and his clients and has his own process that no one else can hold a candle to! He or she has mastered this skillset.. but.. they want to expand their business and do more so they can live a little more comfortably or maybe even has an elaborate vision for running a marketing agency!

The Manager is the one that well.. manages. They keep track of billing and manage accounting, do all the invoicing, take care of all the sales and customer relations, manages updates on everything etc. This is another full time job for the web designer! This personality has to keep everything in check so things can keep chugging along successfully!

Now The Entrerpeneur.. this is the visionary. This is the personality that says we can do more, we could try this, we could innovate like no one has ever seen before.. this is the guy with the big ideas, the one that can do something more than you currently are.

All these personalities fight each other. The Technician just wants to do the work and not be bothered with the other stuff, The Manager wants to reign in The Technician and The Entrepreneur and keep them in check so the business can actually stay afloat and The Entrepreneur wants to dream..



Moving Forward

At some point all your buckets will be full if you're bringing in new clients. You can't take on any more work. The technician is working full time as well as The Manager and The Entrepreneur is left stifled because there's no time for dreaming when work is to be done, only late at night when you're laying down exhausted because you have no more energy left to crank out more websites.

But you're frustrated, The Entrepreneur wants to expand. You've got big dreams and you know your work can make it happen! So you take on more work.. and more work.. and then deadlines are missed and your quality of work begins to suffer.. and then you burn out.

You realize you need to hire someone.

We see this time and time again!



The Problem

The problem is these ready to explode (in growth..) entrepreneurs have never had to give away large chunks of their profits in order for someone else that can't possibly operate like them to handle their baby. It's a gut wrenching prospect.

"I've worked so hard for this money, $1 means so much more than $1 to me.. it's just too much to give away"

They're completely attached to their work, they're proud of it and they should be. If they've gotten this far it must mean they're doing one hell of a job.

How could they put their reputation in someone else's hands?



Doing It Yourself

The next stages we commonly see with new business owners ready to expand is that they'll consult with someone who will help with their marketing and workload and see the price tag for real marketing services and go back to the drawing board.

We've had clients meet with us for Search Engine Optimization strategies and we'll lay out how we do things and what working with us looks like and they'll get cold feet when they realize they have to spend real money for real work to be done on their behalf. And we get it, it's not fun investing a lot of money into somebody new.

So they get enough information and decide you know what... I think I could do that myself. Or I know a cousin / uncle / friend / co-workers son who does this and they can do it for me! For way cheaper!

Let's say they want to hire that secondary web developer and then some Search Engine Optimization to bring in new clients to fill both workers plates. They balk at truly investing into their own company because they've done it all themselves before! They can do it again! So they find the friend or the cousin to do one job and then they want to learn Search Engine Optimization themselves.



Problem #2

The problem here is a math problem to be analagous. Sure, you could learn a new skill.. but how long does that take to master a new skill to the point to where it actually works? Feeling busy and getting things done are two different things. Mastering Search Engine Optimization takes years of trial and error and learning.

If we look at my role as the web designer at JBMD Creations not unlike our example friend here.. I could take years to learn SEO. I really could, and I did a lot of it when I ran a business in college but it's a full time job to do it right.

Or.. I could continue mastering my one Technician skillset.. web design and do that to pay someone else for SEO, someone else who is a master at that craft.

Let's do the math.

I could spend 40 hours a week earning nothing learning a new skillset, while having to pay my web developer to do my projects now while also doing the overload myself. So say I'm working 60 hours a week now.

I'll spend the next year or 2 making mistakes, learning, getting better, having frustrations not getting results and all the while working 10-20 hours a week on websites instead of 40-50

At the end of these two years.. how far ahead will I have been?

What if I had spent that time becoming an absolute master at web design so I could land projects that were more and more profitable, making $4000+ for a website instead of my current more affordable prices?

The loss in time, business growth, motivation and reward is immeasurable.

What if I had just hired a team that were already masters at THEIR craft, SEO, which would cost a fraction of that $4,000 I could make per website? How far ahead would I be?

I could've hired 2-3 more people during that time to expand even more.

And even now that you've mastered SEO... how are you going to have time to do SEO and web design on top of it? It just isn't going to happen.

No company has ever got somewhere truly incredible and freeing without having a trustworthy, kickass team that has the same goals that they do!




Personally, I can't WAIT to make another sale so that I can spend that money on outsourcing. I get giddy when I can send it over to someone I trust and has a proven track record because I know it will come back in spades. This is how business, expansion, and outsourcing works.

I cannot wait to:

  • Hire more kickass web designers so I can work ON the business more, rather than IN the business
  • Hire an accountant so I don't have to spend valuable time on numbers
  • Hire more SEO services so I can bring in even MORE projects
  • Hire a personal assistant so I have more time to live the entrepreneurial dream
  • Hire a sales person because well personally I hate sales
  • Hire a manager to manage them all so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor


How else would you get to the ultimate goal of a better life without this kind of team? It just doesn't work that way.

This truly is the hardest next step for solo business owners.




To end this monologue with a concept from The E Myth Revisited.. the end goal should be to put systems in place for running your unique business that are foolproof, fill it up with competent works, and then let go.

In the end you want a business system that runs itself, literally like a franchise. If you buy a McDonalds there is no thinking. The way they flip burgers, for how many seconds on each side, where the pickles go, where the ketchup does, how the kitchen is organized, how ordering and filling is organized, prices, employee expenses... it's all figured out and is a proven 100% winning business system.

This is how you should look to setup your business and to do that you need a team

We of course recommend doing your homework and finding someone with a proven track record, with testimonials that show what their results are like, with analytics to see what your hard earned money is actually doing (everything should be measured in a business, every dollar!)

This is how The Entrepreneur takes over and creates something they only dreamed about being possible. How you have the team, the knowledge, the experience and the actual capability now to shape your future you never thought possible for yourself. When you're learning new skills that are better left to others.. The Entrepreneur remains asleep, only to come alive at night wishing for some way to make it real.

Find someone who has the same passion for what you do in what they do.

A lightbulb can go on at times when you realize that while your business is your baby and you can't fathom anyone harming it.. that's how good partners and teams feel about theirs. To think you might not get the results you've been promised can keep them up at night!

This is the passion we put into our business and our marketing team and everything we develop or touch.

This agency is my baby and I protect it with my reputations life!

If you'd like to give us a call and chat about what we could do to help expand your business, fill out the form below:


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