Online Marketing Strategy For Small Business

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Online Marketing Strategy For Small Business

8 Unbelievable digital marketing plans for small businesses

Marketing can be a weird topic for some, as a lot of small business owners have gotten where they are without the help of others, but as we discussed in our article

Do It Yourself Syndrome and Fear of Investing in Your Business

It is hands down the #1 thing a business owner should focus on for growth. As sad as it is to say I’m sure we’ve all seen the businesses, some even in the Fortune 500, a company with immaculate marketing can grow to incredible sizes even selling subpar products. It is just a fact of life that marketing and sales is the most important part of growing a business. We hope most business owners do care about the product as it’s extremely important as well, but this highlights the power of marketing itself. The “build it and they will come” syndrome is something every entrepreneur faces at some point in their journey, usually in the beginning Let’s discuss several digital marketing plans for small businesses to help them skyrocket their income

#1 – Search Engine Optimization

We talk a lot about search engine optimization here at JBMD Creations and for good reason, it works. It is our preferred method of generating customers for clients and we find it is the most cost efficient.

To get a feel for it, check out our previous article:

Real Growth Driving SEO – Protect Yourself With Knowledge

This goes into detail of what SEO is and how to make sure you’re actually getting the real thing. If your revenue streams aren’t going up and you don’t have a clear understanding of the process and how they are going to come to you, with analytics showing you the results, you need to go elsewhere.

#2 – Social Media Marketing

Developing a presence on one of the most looked at platforms in the world certainly is not a bad idea either.

Once you get your SEO plan down and can handle the influx of business, it may be time to look at social media marketing.

Some industries such as the restaurant industry benefit even more from this as people like to eat with their eyes first, having incredible food pictures will help develop a real incentive to check out your business.

It is great for branding as well and letting people know what you are all about in a medium that is entertaining to them and easy to digest. Gone are the days when you could put up long articles going in depth about who you are and what you do, people just won’t read it when there’s so much stimulation out there.

This is another important strategy for digital marketing in Grand Rapids MI

#3 – Google AdWords / Pay Per Click (PPC)

Every time you do a Google search I’m sure you noticed all the ads that are at the top and off to the right hand side. These are Goodle AdWords ads.

These companies are paying to show up in certain keyword searches and when you click on them it actually costs them money when they’re directed to your website.

Every digital marketing agency Grand Rapids will have these options available to you, they’re the bread and butter of online marketing.

While this is more costly than SEO for your return the upside is is that it is immediate. As soon as you pay for your ads and choose your target market your traffic will start coming in instantly.

If you’ve got a big sale going or a limited time offer this may be a good option to choose.

#4 – Content Marketing

As discussed in our article Web Design 101 You Need A Gorgeous, High Converting Website That’s Fast, Mobile Responsive And Generates Revenue, content is king.

Content marketing can be powerful and there are so many ways to leverage it.

If you read our article you’ll see how Google loves it when people spend a lot of time on your website, and visit multiple links. This will help give you a good page ranking and give incentive to Google to give you good rankings in the search engines. They want to serve up information that people like. If they’re spending time on your page, they must like it. They want you to have deep knowledge on your businesses subject and become an authority figure in that industry.

The more unique, original content you have on your website the better.

Once you write these articles you can share them on social media, blast them out in newsletters, and get them in front of your audience in all kinds of ways. One well written quality article can be leveraged in many different ways and for a long time.

It’s also a good way to have canned responses for the same questions you get over and over again. As your website should be your #1 salesman, it should answers all customers most common questions, and if you generate a ton of content to answer these questions you can save yourself a lot of time on the phone.

This is a great strategy for digital marketing Grand Rapids

#5 – Videography

The statistics for videography are astounding. People watch videos.

  1. Over 80% of the internet is used to watch video, and Facebook serves up 8 billion video views per day.
  2. Social video generates TWELVES (12) times the share rate as text. (Source: SmallBizTrends)
  3. Having a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%… (Source: Unbounce)

 We could go on and on and on with this. We know people’s attention spans are short nowadays and people love to be spoon fed information and entertained by it. It’s also a great way to form a connection with a potential customer, humans buy from humans and they want to see who they’re buying from! This is one of the great internet marketing strategies small business.

#6 – Photography

Studies show that people do not like stock photography and that they like low quality photography even less.

The more personal of a connection you can create with a website visitor the better. Having high quality pictures of your personal team, products, equipment and facilities can generate a massive amount of trust and interest. It shows that you are a serious business and you’ve put in the time and effort in all areas of your business to reflect that.

This is especially important in industries like the food industry as we mentioned earlier, people want to eat with their eyes first and high quality food pictures are the way to go. This is another internet marketing strategies small business.

#7 – Page Speed Optimization

As we mention time and time again, if your website takes 4 seconds to load you’ve lost 25% of your customers in frustration and boredom. If your website takes 10 seconds to load you’ve lost another 35%. That’s a total of 60% of your potential business customers gone if your website doesn’t load quickly! We guarantee 1-2 second load times for your website unless you place content (huge pictures, heavy video files) that we don’t recommend.

Google recognizes this as well and will give better site ranking scores for websites that comply with their recommendations.

GTMetrix is the go to place to test for page load speed and page errors

#8 – Email Marketing

If you have the ability to offer a free item (E-book, discount code, etc) in exchange for an email you can build a list that you can market to that can number in the thousands of individuals and for years to come. This is an extremely powerful digital marketing plan for small business.

If you offer a free e-book with quality content that actually provides value or answers important questions people will give you their email. You can then send drip feeds of quality information and every so often make an offer for a product / service. 

If you keep the sales to a minimum and value you high, you can market to your “list” for years to come.

We highly recommend getting on this right away.

No matter how you choose to do your marketing, one thing is for certain – if you’re looking to expand your business you need a marketing team. Whether it’s online or not sales & marketing is the lifeblood of your business and if revenue isn’t coming in reliably and consistently your business might be headed for deaths door.

Some businesses can scrape by without it but when adverse events occur or dry periods come, it can be tough to find new prospects in time to get things running again.

As always this is a value exchange, there is a lot of stigma about marketing and how it’s a scam, but the biggest companies in the world spend billions of dollars doing it because they know it works and it’s how they got where they are today along with having a high quality product, incredible customer service, and a culture of providing value in their teams.

When looking for digital marketing agency grand rapids look for the companies that support that win-win attitude.

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