The Power of Video For Marketing And Conversions

Author - John

I don’t know how many times you’ve heard this or how many times it has been said recently… it’s everywhere! Video this and video that.

It is for good reason.

Instead of just taking people’s word for it, let’s do a deep dive into some juicy statistics that show the absolute beast of a marketing tool that video can be for your business plan.

The Why…?

Before we hit into the marketing data, let’s think of WHY video is so powerful.

It Simplifies Complex Topics

Apparently the brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than it can text and we all know that there is a vast array of data coming from a video at once. You can read the mood, feel the music, sense the people’s true emotions, tell a story while someone is talking with imagery, show how something extremely complicated works in a very simple manner.

To do this over text could take 20 minutes while over video it can be show in 1-2 minutes. Things such as Search Engine Optimization can be complicated and confusing to have a conversation about. A great video about it can show the process in a couple of minutes crystal clear, and the watcher can watch it again later and clarify any points that they had confusion about.

It Is Memorable

Viewers retain 95% of a video’s messages as compared to 10% when reading the text.

It Is Entertaining Instead of Straining

Not only does it contain immense of amounts of information in an easy to digest form, it is entertaining, it feeds the viewer instead of them having to take effort to read and study text. In an age where there is so much stimulation, trying to get a website visitor to read 20 minutes of text is nearly impossible. But a well put together, entertaining, relevant video… that they will stay engaged with.

It Is Emotional

Video also triggers real emotions. The human brain has something called a mirror neuron, which allows us to feel what other people are feeling based on what we’re seeing. So if it’s someone talking genuinely about the product or service you’re offering in a positive light, we will feel that and associate that authenticity with what they’re saying about your product. If you do a good job at what you do then BOOM, sold!

An Example

Here is a video from our very own Brady Gilliam of Visionaery Productions. I was over at his house one day to get travel to a networking event with him and he showed me a video he was working on about music therapy. I had no idea what music therapy was, at all. Not the slightest idea. After watching his video’s I saw everything I needed to know about it, just like that. He could’ve tried to explain it to me over the course of several minutes and I would have tried my best to pay attention (we were running late..) but I’m not sure I would’ve grasped it. I watched one video of his on the topic and it was immediately clear. It was powerful. Check it out below:

Plainsong Music Services Testimonial

Marketing & Conversion Results

I’m going to start with just dumping a whole pile of amazing statistics on you and let you start to understand how this translates in the marketing and sales department

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