Real Growth Driving SEO - Protect Yourself With Knowledge

Author - John

Real Growth Driving SEO - Protect Yourself With Knowledge

An extremely common trend among clients we talk to about their digital marketing is not only do they not know what Search Engine Optimization is, many of them are paying for something that is 1/10th of what real SEO is!

And we don't blame them, SEO is complicated, it's not something you want to have to learn when you're running an entire business of your own

It is frustrating for our team as well as the client as we bring up feelings they don't like to feel..

Let's go over the basics of what SEO is supposed to accomplish for a business to make our point. SEO's purpose is to help you rank in Google's search engine's when someone searches for your services / products in Google search.

So let's say someone types in "Best divorce lawyers near me" into Google

The whole point of SEO is to get you in those top 3 rankings so you soak up all the traffic and get visitors to your website and subsequently use your services over others in the area.

So how do we do that?

Let's look at what claims as the top 10 essential SEO factors for ranking in 2020:

  • A Secure and Accessible Website
  • Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Domain Age, URL, and Authority
  • Optimized Content
  • Technical SEO
  • User Experience (RankBrain)
  • Links
  • Social Signals
  • Real Business Information

 There are a lot of things going on there, and that is why it takes an entire team to get it done, it is a lot of work! A common practice among those that just don't know themselves and may believe they're doing "SEO" and also those that know better but have been getting away with it for years (which we see all the time..) is that they'll install a plugin on your website, commonly "Yaost SEO Plugin", plug in some related keywords on your pages, write some blog articles and call it a day! Technically yes they are doing "SEO", but it's only 1/10th of the entirety of what must happen to actually have an affect on your business volume. Real SEO that drives real results for your business is a full time job and if you don't find someone that offers you case study data and constant analytics reports showing you what your hard earned dollars are doing for you, you'll want to be careful. Ask them about your page speed, how fast do they prefer a page to be? Ask them how many backlinks they think you need to beat out the competition. Ask them how long they think you'll take to start ranking on the first page of Google and how long their other clients took. Ask them what they think about bounce rates and time on page analytics and what that means for their traffic and content. They should be able to explain all of these in great detail as they are at the core of true SEO. Doing only 1 or 2 of these things is like buying a a car from a dealership and they send you engine and a transmission and saying "Alright, here's your car! It should do a lot for you!" You need all of it or you aren't going anywhere...

What Makes Us Different?

We employ all these strategies, and the results show for it. Here are Burton Cadwell of's Google rankings for his top 10 keywords:

He's been ranking #1 for almost every keyword in his list for 6+ months and his business has expanded greatly because of it.

We offer services without contracts because we know the results will keep you with us, not legally binding contracts.

We've been doing this for 8+ years with 43 employee's, we do it the right way.

Even if you're just curious about SEO or want us to give your strategies an audit we would love to speak.

You can reach John at 989-550-3965 for a free consultation.

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