Digital Marketer Resources – Who Can You Trust?

Author - John

When I was starting JBMD Creations, I had just graduated from college and started doing an obsessive amount of reading on what my options were for my future. I was reading business books, books on mindset, success, investing, and entrepreneurship.

By the way, I highly recommend Think and Grow Rich, The Millionaire Next Door, Unshakeable by Tony Robbins and Rich Dad Poor Dad. That lit an immense fire under my ass to put it lightly.

What I came out with was the exact opposite of all the junk you read online about get rich quick schemes, the one NEW idea that makes it all easier and retiring at 31 with your McLaren and Ferrari’s.

They all talked about discipline, saving, frugality, working smarter while also working harder and long term thinking.

It can be sexy to think of getting ahead faster than is reasonable and there are ways to get to a certain place faster, but if I looked at any figureheads and saw them NOT mentioning this fact, that business success was going to take a long time, that I’d need to understand the purpose of failure and how to deal with it and also how to stay healthy during the process, I didn’t give them the time of day.

Now that I’m several years into my journey I wanted to share a few resources that I’ve found that are no-nonsense and have helped me get to where I want to go a lot faster than if I would’ve had to have figured it out on my own.

A Nerds World

I initially found Chris Hughes of A Nerds World on YouTube while I was looking at different ideas for, well I can’t even remember now, but something about web design or SEO. My first impression was not the greatest, something about his style made me fairly skeptical at first but after listening to what he had to say, I was impressed.

You could tell this man spoke from unspeakable amounts of experience. This guy has been hustling like a mad man with his agency and has tried it all. He gives straight up advice about how much effort you’re going to have to put into this and while some may not like it, his results speak for themselves.

He’s one of the top digital marketing agency’s in Toronto Canada and his website ranks #1 for SEO Toronto regularly.

Tips on Starting a Web Development Business

ItGenuis – Google Cloud Experts

Peter Moriarity of has been integral in my business security, project management capabilities, and client and partner communications. I’ve been simultaneously blown away by Google’s Cloud technology while also being scared at how much data they collect. That’s a topic for another time but as far as what G Suite can do for you, I had no idea how much of the surface I was barely scratching before I found them.

The capabilities with Google Drive sharing for client collaboration involving communication and document sharing is second to none. The beauty is really in its simplicity. It’s easy for clients to understand how it works and it we create an entire project management folder for them with formulated Google Sheets that span the entire web creation process from onboarding to launch and beyond.

I looked for months and months for software to handle this for me, and there is a lot of great stuff out there including ClickUp, and Asana but as far as customization goes and using something that a client will actually use, Google Sheets really can’t be beat.

And this is only the beginning. I highly recommend checking them out on YouTube to see what valuable tips they have to offer and even heading to their website to see what services they offer for your business. They have concierge services to help get your business technology up to date and help massively increase efficiency for all systems involved in the online and even offline world.

Google's Best Business Tools You Haven't Heard Of | G Suite Updates

Temporary Conclusion

There are a lot more resources that I’ve used along my journey but without having put their advice to the test for the long haul and really curating it, I’m not putting them on this list quite yet! As I sort through them and come to a definitive conclusion I’ll be coming back to this list and adding them in.

So until then, take care guys and stick in there. The ride is worth the cost.

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