Content Writing vs Copywriting vs SEO Copywriting

Author - John

Let’s boil this down to the basics because this can get very confusing due a number of factors.

Content Writing

I think most people understand “content writing”. It’s someone who writes content for a website, whether it be for a dentists website, a lawyer, or an electrician. It can be the owner of the business, or someone they hire that does some research on the subject, or interviews the business owner and uses their writing skills to create content for the webpage.

This includes things such as the home page, describing what the business is about, its mission statement and values as well as it’s services and products.

In Google’s eyes, content is king. The more unique, original and valuable content that you can produce on your website, the more of an authoritative figure you must be. Google loves serving up valuable content when people use its search engine. It does not want to frustrate its customers with junk or spam.

  • Content tells information
  • Content builds authority
  • Content focuses on solutions
  • Content provides value


Now the next step is to engage in copywriting. This isn’t the traditional understanding of the word and is where a lot of the confusion comes from. It’s not the copyright that is used to patent an invention or logo, it’s copyWRITING. This is a sales focused, persuasive form of writing that focuses on converting more readers to customers through the use of that persuasive writing. Copywriters study sales psychology and best internet practices to get a higher percentage of visitors to take the action that you want them to take by stoking emotion, resolving pain points, or reminding them of the benefits of doing business with you. So instead of just laying out information in a boring plain manner, the copywriter takes you on an emotional journey to bring a point home.

  • Copy is meant to SELL
  • Copy develops a connection to the viewer
  • Copy has a problem focus to help make the viewer aware of their situation fully
  • Copy persuades and influences

SEO Copywriting

Where this gets even MORE watered down is when you bring Search Engine Optimization into the mix. We use the term “Grand Rapids SEO” on our SEO page because that is a signal to Google about what the page is about. We link from other pages with that same phrase hyperlinked to our SEO page so it sort of completes that SEO circuit.

It can be awkward to strike a balance because with proper SEO, you want to use your keywords you’re targeting instead of the words you might think sound best – at times. You don’t want it to be so saturated with keywords that it comes off as robotic and written by someone who doesn’t understand the English language but you need by definition to have these keywords spread throughout the site, and the bigger and bolder the text (such as your section headings) the better because those are more important signals to Google than just standard text.

The Benefits of SEO Copywriting

  • Engaging writing that also helps attract more qualified customers at a minimal cost
  • To create trust by displaying authority in your industry, and by answering questions they didn’t know they were going to ask.
  • To convince visitors to take action by making the best case possible for how your products or services can solve the problems they’re having.

Getting people to understand the differences between these terms and concepts can be a bit confusing, especially when you’ve got 100 other things to discuss. Hopefully by creating this article we can help you understand exactly what should be going on on your website and why! SEO Copywriting is the most potent and powerful content you can produce next to having video and if you’re looking to turn your website into an absolute sales machine, that is by and far the way to go!

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