The Power of SEO Traffic - Leads That Buy

Author - John

The Power of SEO Traffic - Leads That Buy

Your typical marketing and advertising is termed “outbound”. This refers to the fact that you have to disrupt people’s attention in order to tell them you have a message for them, or basically something to sell them, you are “reaching out” to them. There are strategic ways to target these outbound messages but essentially you are putting something in front of their face which they didn’t specifically ask for. We all know how that sounds and feels, but we also know that it works at the same time, if you have the skill and training for that.

The beauty with search engine optimization is that you put yourself in front of what people are already searching for. They specifically took the time to look for your products or services and they’ve found you on Google. This not only is extremely relieving if you’re not the kind of person that likes sales, fullwell knowing that without sales skills your business cannot survive, but this traffic also converts significantly better. This is termed inbound marketing.

Leads, or potential customers that have given you their contact information, that come from search engine traffic close or convert at an average rate of 15%, which is a whopping 12% higher than the conversion rate for outbound leads (HubSpot 2019).

This not only rids of the feeling that you’re bothering people by trying to convince them to buy your products or services, it saves you time talking to people that don’t want or need your product at all.

In this same HubSpot study from 2019, only 9% of businesses using the inbound marketing strategy failed to see a return on investment. That means that 91% of businesses that used strategies such as search engine optimization to generate leads did not make more money than they spent on that marketing. That is astounding.

People trust the results they find in the organic section of a Google search. 50% of the people who search for a term in Google click on the top 3 organic results to find what they want. The % of people who click on a Google Ad on that same search result is a measly 3.17% and they go in with their walls up, knowing someone is trying to sell them something. While Google Ads certainly work and have their place, it pales in comparison to a foundational long term, easy to sell to, lead generation strategy. If you have a marketing budget burning a hole in your pocket and you want sales NOW, Google Ads can be a viable option, but the return on investment isn’t as stellar on average.

This is the reason that we tout SEO strongly and often.

  • SEO converts at a higher rate
  • You talk to people who are already looking for what you have to offer
  • Less time is spent on people who never intended to buy in the first place
  • Your return on investment is phenomenal
  • It is a long term, evergreen strategy. It isn’t a get rich quick tactic.

As a business owner, there are a million things you have to do with your time. Generally worrying about new business is amongst the things you worry about most. Having a steady and automated stream of highly qualified business leads frees up a ton of time and resources that you can put into the other parts of your business, such as focusing on doing a great job at  what you do.

What might constitute you being in the 9% that do not profit from SEO?

For the majority of businesses, it will be difficult to not draw a profit from SEO and if you’re one of the ones that might not, you're going to know that going in. While Google is an ever changing beast and there can be ups and downs over time in your rankings, and this is normal, natural and expected, typically only the most competitive keywords will present a challenge for turning a profit. If you’re trying to rank a keyword such as “Best plastic surgeon in America” you’re going to be dumping a LOT of money into this campaign and you’ll be fully aware that it may be a risky strategy. The competition will be extremely fierce. If you’re trying to rank for something such as “Best DUI attorney Grand Rapids” you won’t face nearly the same level of competition. Fortune 500 companies will not be vying for that keyword in the search engines, they have bigger fish to fry.

While it can be worthwhile for some major businesses to try to rank for the most lucrative keywords out there, because if they do… their business will absolutely explode with sales, if you’re just learning about SEO it’s highly unlikely you will be attempting that. Anyone who is even aware of that idea has already been through the SEO process, had enough success already that they want to shoot for the stars and see if they can truly make it there.

SEO has one of the highest returns on investment and is the reason why it is our bread and butter alongside web design, it's just the best way to do lead generation online and has been for quite some time. If you’d like to find out if this is something that would fit for your business, give us a call, we’d love to chat! Also, Please check out our grand rapids seo services.

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