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What Professional Web Design Can Mean for Your Grand Rapids Business

Your website design in Michigan is the process of creating your vision for your company and putting it online for others to see your company with its best foot forward. It is not only about the look but also the functionality. Grand Rapids Website design is not limited to websites; it also includes other uses such as web apps, mobile apps, and user interface design.

JBMD Creations LLC has been into web design in Grand Rapids for several years for individuals and businesses small and large.

We put an emphasis on absolutely nailing the first impression viewers have when landing on your web page with cutting edge design, fast load times, and professionally shot photography.

A website is your business’s biggest communication tool. New users and regular customers use it to look for information about your services and products. But, if the design of your website is too complex or not mobile-friendly, the client is likely to lose interest quickly. This is where good, responsive web design comes in. Taking into account the changing technologies and devices as well as your customers’ love for creativity, we offer the best website design Grand Rapids, Michigan for businesses- small and large.

Make a lasting first impression with JBMD Creations’ website design services. We understand that a website is the most trustworthy way to stay connected with your current and prospective clients. Don’t get left behind in the age of the internet, stand out from the crowd!

See What Our Grand Rapids Clients Have to Say

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Dr Dustin McIver
Chiropractor, Northside Chiropractic
Grand Rapids Digital Marketing Company - Testimonial
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Sarah Matzen
Michigan Spray Foam LLC

our philosophy

You Need A Gorgeous, High Converting Website That's Fast, Mobile Responsive And Generates Revenue

A great looking website design Michigan, is critical, but if it doesn’t do its job as a sales page. What’s the point?

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

Google claims up to 60% of internet traffic is via a mobile device. If your website is not mobile responsive you're potentially losing a lot of business.

Websites Build Trust

Seamless User Experience

Confused customers are lost customers. We arrange your website and content so that users get exactly what they're looking for.

Website design grand rapids mobile optimized website example
website design grand rapids

Extremely Fast Loading Times

Does your site take 4 seconds to load? You've already lost 25% of your visitors. At 10 seconds, you've lost another 35%. We handle that.

Clear Calls to Action

Clear Calls to Action

Having a clear "Call To Action" such as a sign up button or email form is vital. Poor placement & visual cues will lead to frustrated and lost customers.

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Web Design for SEO Brings Your Ideal Customer

Website design and SEO marketing strategies go hand in hand. Today, more and more brands are choosing to integrate SEO within their website while designing it. A web design that is compatible with SEO is more likely to pull web traffic compared to the ones that aren’t optimized. You can build the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing website but if it’s not SEO optimized then your small business will go unnoticed in the vast sea of the internet.

Integrating SEO will rank your website higher in popular search engines like Google which will eventually help you in attracting your ideal customer.

Website Design for Lead Gen Is the Trusted Resource

Lead generation has one goal; to inform more people about your brand and turn them into potential customers. A lot of factors like content, design, SEO etc affect the leads you get.

Web design is one of the crucial features of a webpage. A clean organized and engaging website is more likely to attract more customers compared to a confusing and bland looking website. Search engines look for relevant content and website engagement before suggesting it to the people. Web design is not only about graphic design, but SEO optimization too. Only a well designed and optimized website can get you satisfactory results.

Ready to take your first step towards maximizing your business’s revenues with a professional website?

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our philosophy

Let us repeat. Web design AND function.

75% of people judge..

75% of people judge..

The credibility of a business based on the design of its website.

How many customers have you lost if your website looks like it’s from the early 2000’s?

Seconds is all you have..

Seconds is all you have..

Does your site take 4 seconds to load? You’ve already lost 25% of your visitors. At 10 seconds, you’ve lost another 35%

Make sure you’re fast.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

Up to 60% of internet traffic is via a mobile device.

Capture every visitors attention with a website that dynamically responds to whatever device is viewing it.

Impress with a personal touch

Impress with a personal touch

Stock photograpy is a major no-no in the design world. It turns people off.

We do a professional photoshoot of you and your business as images communicate more effectively who you are than almost anything else.

Websites Build Trust

Social proof

67.7% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Proper testimonial / review placement is critical!

Clear Calls to Action

Where do I go..?

Having a clear “Call To Action” such as a sign up button or email form is vital. Poor placement & visual cues will lead to frustrated and lost customers.

Avoid frustrating customers.

JBMD Creations LLC

Our Proven Grand Rapids Web Design Process

We use the WordPress platform to create a visually stunning, SEO friendly, and mobile responsive web design in Grand Rapids, MI, for your business.

The Grand Rapids web designer will handle your brand. Once all is said and done, you’ll have full ownership of your website, passwords, and all! You paid for it, so you own it!

With years of industry experience, our website designers present visually pleasing designs that both you and your users will love. Our highly skilled team has devised a process that delivers results and made JDBM Creations a leader in the Grand Rapids web development sector.

Our team focuses on understanding a business before coming up with custom designs for your website. We are a Michigan website design company that believes in the power of creativity and innovation. We understand your expectations and your foundations and combine the two to create a compelling website for your brand. All the while, we strive to create affordable designs that give your business a promising ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

A responsive website means that the content, images, boxes and everything in your website shifts and adapts to any device it is viewed on. This includes mobile phones and tablets. Google claims up to 60% of all internet traffic is from a mobile device nowadays. If your website is not viewable on a mobile device, it could mean a lot of potential lost business. Let’s get you up to speed with our web designers in MI!
Yes! We provide the best web design services in Michigan. All of our websites are SEO friendly. We prioritize the building of our websites from the beginning with SEO in mind. We use WordPress due to how Google favors the code, we use Google VPS hosting to ensure the fastest load times, and optimize all elements of the website to ensure should you want to invest in an SEO campaign, it will be a simple and straightforward process.

JBMD Creations is famous for website design in Michigan. Our standard contracts are a 30-60 day creation time frame. This is our build time. If we request content and it doesn’t come back to us for 35 days, this does not count towards our build time. We’ll do everything we can to move forward but if we are held back from continuing that isn’t included in the 30-60 days.

No! While that is a recipe for success and quick completion, we will either help you write your content with guidelines or if you would like to hire a content writer we will do an interview and gather all the information needed and have it written for you. After a few rounds of revisions to ensure it is 100% how you want your message to be displayed online, we then build around that content.

A lot of companies today claim to design the best website for your brand. With so many options available it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Here are some things you should keep in mind before choosing a web design company in michigan.

  • Check their portfolio
  • Look for reviews
  • Know exactly what you want
  • Contact and get to know them better
  • Check your budget
Website marketing is a process of using the internet to market and promote your products to the people on the internet. Using a website to advertise to the people who are interested in your product, can turn them into leads or potential customers. The more the visitors to your website, the more opportunities. Website & content marketing is the future of digital marketing.
A landing page is a standalone web page used to generate more conversions. It is usually used to sell a single product or service to the target audience received through PPC efforts. Although you can use just a landing page, it is recommended that you have a full website for your users.
If you need a gorgeous page that has high conversion rates and a sleek design, JBMD Creations marketing solutions should be your first choice. We develop the best-in-class websites for our clients to have satisfactory results quickly and efficiently. A website is your business online address and we believe that it should be welcoming and being one of the best design agencies we know just how to do it.

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JBMD Creations LLC

Why Choose JBMD As Your Grand Rapids Website Design Agency

Check out our testimonials and portfolio to see why out of all the web design companies in Michigan and Grand Rapids web design agency, we are a great choice to go with. We employ many systems that will streamline the web design process so that you can spend more of your time focused on your business and less time confused about how this all will work and if it will work for you. We take care of the heavy lifting and make it so that this is an enjoyable process for us both.

As one of the leading Michigan web design services, we understand your business’ requirements and your client’s expectations. A website is the biggest platform for communication between a business and its users. We design websites that are fast, visually appealing, and technologically sound. We believe in serving local and global communities to help businesses grow with the best technology and innovative creativity.

JDBM Creations is one of the best Grand Rapids web design company. We know that the most important purpose a website has is to convert leads and help a business grow. Which is why we deliver clean, responsive, and easy-to-use designs your clients will love.

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Grow Your Business Through Your Website with Our Web Designers and Grand Rapids Web Design Company

Out of all the web designers in Michigan, we are focused on more than just a site that looks pleasing to the client, though this is an important and critical factor as well. We focus on results. Your website will be designed with the mindset that your best, most impactful information, stories, testimonials, accomplishments, pictures, videos and educational materials are going to be displayed in just the right manner to give people the most powerful impact we can communicate in the shortest amount of time and browsing possible.

JBMD Creations is one of the top web designers in MI. We work with businesses, small and big, to create affordable, responsive, and minimalist website designs that help businesses achieve their goals. We are committed to your business’ online success and provide effective and compelling designs that help you gain more exposure and engage your users better.

Our team of designers and developers highlight your business in the most professional ways while aiming to powerfully present your best offers and achievements. We create websites that are crafted to fit your business and its ideals and to communicate them to your prospective clients.


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